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When Heaven Invades Hell

By Joshua Rasmussen and Rachel Rasmussen

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"How would you feel if I offered a separated soul a body of life and a place with us?"

God has asked a strange question. How will the citizens of heaven reply? You are about to witness the greatest debate in history.

In this novella, you join the citizens of heaven as they decide whether to extend mercy to a citizen of hell. Moses builds a case for eternal judgment, and Adam builds a case for hope. The dialogue climaxes in a surprising revelation about the roots of evil and the purpose of life for all kingly creatures.

Is hell everlasting, or could every soul come into heaven eventually? After reading this work of fiction you will never think of this question in the same way. This book will leave you intrigued, challenged, and inspired.

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Associate Professor of Philosophy, Azusa Pacific University

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"My purpose is to help you discover foundational truths that can serve you the most."

Joshua Rasmussen, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Philosophy, and his area of expertise is analytic metaphysics, with a focus on basic categories of reality, such as objects, ideas, and necessary existence. He is author of several books, including Defending the Correspondence Theory of Truth (Cambridge University Press, 2014), Necessary Existence (with Pruss; Oxford University Press, 2015), How Reason Can Lead to God (IVP, 2019), and Is God the Best Explanation of Things (with Felipe Leon, Palgrave 2019). He is also the founder of the Worldview Design YouTube channel, which helps people use reason to address the big questions of life.

Rasmussen values collaboration across disciplines and perspectives. He lives in Fontana, California, with his wife, Rachel, and their four children.

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